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Covid - 19 (Corona Virus) Awareness

This course is designed to equip delegates with knowledge and skills to stay safe in this global pandemic that is appearing in different forms of variants which are causing unbearable deaths. This course will also discuss strategies that strengthen the global public health policy and guidelines but with a special emphasis to Covid – 19 within the medical environments and beyond. The course also gives a comprehensive analysis of the macro and microenvironments in terms of variant outbreaks and how to cub those since it’s a global issue and some are caused because of the travelling happening.
This course is designed to equip delegates with knowledge and skills to mitigate the infection rate of COVID-19 is rising in African countries, one of the critical challenges for employers and businesses will be to effectively manage the risk in order to ensure business continuity. This course was compiled to assist employers in this regard. It will provide attendees with critical information in order to manage COVID-19 effectively and to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
The course is designed to equip the front line health workers with the knowledge of infections including management principles: including epidemiology, types of organisms - emergence of resistant strains, mode of transfer, opportunistic and nosocomial infections; difference between contamination, colonisation & infection, and diagnostic strategies. The frontline health workers will be enhanced to implement and advocate for universal precautions and preventative infection control techniques. The delegates will be equipped on oxygenation and ventilation management of the COVID-19 patient and provides training on ventilator management. Methods to manage the stress that healthcare workers experience and strategies to deal with medical and personal demands will be provided.
This course was designed to equip delegates with have sufficient knowledge on the roll out of the COVID – 19 vaccination to population following the correct procedures and intervals on receiving the vaccines. The course also provide the delegates with useful information on COVID – 19 and specific information on storage, handling and administration of the vaccine, recording and monitoring including for Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI). The course will also contribute by developing comprehensive communication programmes to address vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine confidence.
The course is designed equip delegates with the in – depth knowledge on the influence of substance use and abuse on prevalence to the Covid – 19 pandemic. The Course will also extremely express the contribution of taking substances like alcohol and smoking is taken into consideration as they expose individuals to be affected by the Covid – 19. The course will discuss useful approaches to drug use in conjunction with the Covid – 19 restrictions and guidelines to keep the immune system strong.
This course is designed to equip delegates with supporting knowledge and skills on Primary Health Care (PHC) personnel to maintain essential services, control the pandemic and keep the communities’ trust in the health system while ensuring their own safety through effective infection prevention and control mechanisms. The course also enhances the support of public health care personnel in their efforts to maintain essential services and to effectively assist in controlling the pandemic. The course will also focus on developing delegates in areas such as maintaining essential health services, preventing COVID – 19 through supporting effective public health measures; detecting the symptoms of COVID – 19 , managing COVID – 19 cases and the repatriation of the deceased.
This course is designed to equip delegates that provides essential services with knowledge and skills to strive and be safe as they work in threatening environment where there are actual patients of Covid – 19. This course also enhance the essential service providers with strategies that to effectively cope with stress – related disorders, mental well – being, fatigue, and physical manifestations. Healthcare Providers play a pivotal role in managing the epidemic, we should make special provision to support them in managing their mental well-being. Most importantly this course will enhance the delegates with advanced engagement activities to mitigate and minimise the impact of the Covid – 19 epidemic on health care professionals or essential service providers.
This course is designed to equip delegates with advanced health care knowledge for patients that would need intensive respiratory support, such as non – invasive oxygen therapy and in severe cases, mechanical ventilation. Therefore the course will address the treatment and management of elderly patients with diseases like; cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and those that are immune – compromised. The delegates will also learn comprehensive analysis of the rehabilitation interventions that tend to address unique needs of different patients at their disposal.