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Due Dilligence and Compliance

This course is designed to equip the delegates with the relevant skills they need to cub organisational related Anti-Money Laundering and countering terrorist finance and how to effectively prevent, detect, and report any money laundering activities. This course also very powerful such that it exposes the delegates to unique financial crime risks, global laws and regulations applicable to any organisation’s jurisdiction. The course also helps the delegates to understand the nature of the services and products offered by accredited financial services providers (FSP) which they work in conjunction with so that they will not be vulnerable to them.
This course is developed to equip the delegates with skills and knowledge to have the abilities to design framework for business case development and techniques that are appropriate for any type of project or program requiring funding or management approval. The course also assists the delegates with knowledge and skills by practicing writing and analysis techniques that will help them write a compelling business plan, identify appropriate approaches, and communicate and manage information that should ensure the approval to move forward with the project. The course also factor in an extensive due diligence aspect in business case development considering a fundamental aspect of business risk analysis.
This course is developed to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge on the implementation of current sustainable Cloud and Cyber Security solutions and strategies to counter any form of cyber threats that may come from the external or internal environment. The course also equips the delegates with the relevant knowledge to have the abilities to detect any cyber – related weaknesses within an organisation and provide valid recommendations to resolve the challenges (weaknesses). The course also expose the delegates to potential post-transaction risks, fines and costly remediation: identification of information security risks and shortfalls in governance, operations and technology research undisclosed or unknown data breaches.
The course is designed to equip the delegates with extensive skills and knowledge for commercial due diligence with the support of the new technology with higher levels of forensic detection. The course orients delegates to the latest technology that are automated in terms of due diligence issues which are accurate and fast to use. This course also evaluates the extent at which an organisation has implemented digital marketing based on the market, competitor, business model and business plan analyses.
The course is designed to equip delegates with significant skills and knowledge on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance with the security and privacy frameworks. The course also equips delegates on documents (assessment tool), policies, and procedures that can be reused and adapted by organisations in order to comply with GDPR. The course will also include discussions on the functions that integrates with GDPR such as data protection compliance for Cloud Service Providers and Human Resources Management.
This course is developed to equip delegates with knowledge and skills to effectively verify the identity of the borrowing business and determine if it is legitimate and how it generates income and to understand clients due diligence obligations when assessing commercial lending proposals. The course also outlines the significance of the customer due diligence regulations and outline the business account opening processes, disclosure requirements, red flags in transaction processing and how to improve account monitoring both locally and internationally. The course also exposes the delegates to money laundering processes and commonly used money laundering mechanisms to mitigate any risks including terrorist financing, the mechanisms of terrorist financing, and a risk-based approach to counter-terrorist financing. The course also exposes the delegates to practical strategies for developing a robust compliance and risk assessment framework.
This course is developed to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to carry out due diligence through some investigations that involves; an inquiry, information gathering, applicability of auditing methodology, data analysis, and how to report the findings of the investigations. Therefore, this course provides tried and tested approaches to administer external and internal investigations within an organisation to identify any risk that may affected the performance of the business and all its facets. The course also provides a broader base when it comes to understanding stakeholders and organisations that has more risk than the others and best strategies for weighing risk against opportunity when conducting an assessment before focusing on the outcomes of the audits.
This course is developed to equip delegates with skills and knowledge on how to have written policy documents that protects all the parties that they work with while exploring the obligations and potential liabilities of business owners, managers, and supervisors. The course will also have any in-depth discussion on significant elements on workplace health and safety programmes and safety management system. The course will provide all the delegates with an understanding of securing the workplace from any harm like cyber – attacks, organisational information security, and anything that is harmful to the operations of the organisation.
This course is designed to equip humanitarian practitioners to effectively use scientific data and modelling in humanitarian decision – making and project management. The course also equips the delegates to ensure due care in the design of their data and analytics in their operational systems, and helps providers to better understand what will be needed for their work to be applied responsibly and effectively to achieve humanitarian goals. Finally, the delegates will benefit from the in – depth understanding of financing risks and how they can be effectively minimised and mitigated.
This course is developed to equip delegates with the required skills and knowledge to provide sufficient information to establish the probity, financial viability and professional standards of any potential partner prior to partner selection and the establishment of any agreement. The course also expose the delegates to extensive due diligence process to ensure the effective management of transnational programmes partnership management by getting exposure to; structuring strategic partnerships – equity & contracts, searching, screening and selecting strategic partnerships. The course also aim at due diligence, how it contains risk within an organisation and its significance to international actors that are increasingly connected and highly diverse.
This course is developed to equip delegates with skills and knowledge to effectively monitor and manage corporate financial transactions and the application of due diligence to the entire process. The delegates will also learn how to develop an appreciation on how due diligence reinforce and challenge transaction pricing, the aspect of due diligence findings – disclosure, warranties and indemnities will also be discussed extensively. An in – depth discussion on due diligence will be explored discussing; standard financial / tax remit and into commercial, strategic and other specialist service areas. The impact of financial due diligence towards organisational performance will also be discussed to enable the delegates to detect any grey area within the organisation’s financial transactions at a given period of time.
This course is developed to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to produce due diligence reports for developmental projects that does not contain any errors by taught the sequential steps that should be followed in producing the report. The course will also discuss the professional liabilities and risks that are associated with due diligence reports that the delegates needs to understand in order to protect the operations of their organisation and themselves before the involvement of third parties.
This course is designed to equip delegates with skills and knowledge to have the ability to assess risks and protect clients from unwarranted environmental liability that can cause environmental degradation. This course will prepare the delegates with an environmental due diligence overview to be familiar Phase Is, Phase IIs, Transaction Screenings, soil and groundwater remediation technologies and common business environmental risks including asbestos, radon, lead-based paint, lead in drinking water and mold. The course will also introduce the delegates to the latest technologies that are used to carry out significant tests that will detect whether there is any contamination taking place especially in the water, underground and up in the sky where we cannot easily see with our eyes. This course will sensitise communities on the best practices of preventing any form of contamination to the environment and beyond where we cannot see with our naked eyes.
This course is designed to equip delegates with the skills and abilities to effectively manage organisational operations, industry and functional expertise that provides rapid assessments and real – world perspectives that are significant to due diligence. The course also provide the delegates with proven insights on specific targets or selected industries that drive the investment evaluation and underwriting process. These insights encompasses commercial insights alongside amalgamated industrial wisdom with quantitative analytics, along with a broader platform of financial, operational, Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources (HR) diligence. The delegates will also benefit strategic concepts that supports due diligence like the management of mergers, acquisitions, integration, and continuous performance improvement services.
This course developed to equip the delegates with the skills and knowledge to assist organisations to prevent and effectively manage labour rights risks, and understand why engagement, negotiation and collaboration is key to the success of the organisation. This course also helps the delegates to utilise this tool to meet their corporate responsibilities to respect human rights in the labour rights context, and report against these obligations. The course sets out the critical elements of human rights due diligence and how they relate to one another helping organisations understand what information is needed to make the right kinds of decisions, who to engage and why.
This course is designed to equip professionals in different fields with in-depth knowledge on specific financial risk issues such as product sales, profitability, and chronological risk calculation on overall business operations. The course also focus on specific risks such as Economic risk, Political risk, Legal risks, Corruption risks, and Business reputation risks just to mention a few. This course is more intense on equipping the delegates with the best decision making skills after analysing all the risks on the ground. The delegates will also be equipped with the relevant techniques and current methodologies that are used by organisations to cub risks, some of them incorporate the use of software and other technologically driven business solutions.
This course is developed to equip delegates with skills and abilities to become powerful leaders in stakeholder management, managing and closing investment deals, entrepreneurship mindset, and understanding investor needs. The course also provides the delegates with the abilities to generate due diligence project plan for organisational investment or opportunity that maps out how to get from term sheet to closing. This process includes key milestones, timeframes, a detailed understanding of key players' responsibilities, and consideration for the various types of due diligence. The course will also outline an aspect of their role to provide officers and managers with the knowledge necessary to effectively exercise their positive duty of care and manage safety in the working environment.
This course is designed to equip delegates with skills and knowledge needed to effectively managing workplace health and safety risks that may occur unexpectedly. This course also teaches delegate about the legal significance of due diligence while also exploring the factors that determine the level of action required to achieve it. The course also equips the delegates with the tried and tested strategies to mitigate any form of risk and also the best practices that can be implemented to help you develop a wealth and safety culture that supports the achievement of due diligence for the safety and the protection of the people that work and visit your workplace.